Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

At EQS Asia, we recognize that quality, environment, health and safety are a key component of our business success. Through the implementation of a quality, environment, health and safety management system, we are committed in:


Ensuring that we comply with all applicable legal and other requirements and respecting the cultures of countries where we operate;

Qualifying as an organization with a vibrant and progressive environment that attracts, nurtures and retains talented employees and competent associates;

Substantiating our commitments to clients with responsive, innovative and value-adding service that delights them;


Advancing the capacity and capability of our clients by developing their confidence and independence;

Saving resources and promoting greater environmental, health and safety responsibility to achieve sustainable development;

Inculcating good safety and health practices amongst our employees and eliminating or reducing hazards to create an injury-free and healthy workplaces;

Always striving to achieve excellence through the continual improvement of our QEHS management system.