NEA Safety Audit

The licencees and permit holders of hazardous substances under the safety audit scheme of NEA are required to conduct a safety audit once every two years.

The purposes of the safety audit are:

  • to verify if the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals at the site comply with the provisions of the EPMA
  • to determine if the hazardous substances are systematically managed in line with the safety audit criteria and
  • to identify opportunities for improvement

The auditors and the management are required to certify that the occurrence of a hazardous substance spill/release at the site, with off-site impacts, is unlikely, after the implementation of audit recommendations. The management shall also submit a follow-up action plan with the date of compliance to NEA. The audit reports are submitted to NEA, MOM and SCDF.

EQS Asia has been one of the accredited auditors under NEA’s safety audit scheme since 1999. We have audited clients from diverse industries such as chemical, petrochemical, agrochemical, power generation, gas plant, wafer fabrication, chemical warehousing, etc.

Audit Criteria

The audit criteria are based on 11 elements of safety audit scheme as follows:

+   Safety Policy
+   Safe Work Practices
+   Maintenance of Facilities
+   Incident Investigations
+   Hazard Analysis
+   Contractor Safety
+   Safety Information
+   Management of Change
+   Training
+   General Plant Inspections/ Reviews
+   Emergency Planning & Response

Compliance Audit

Compliance audit will be conducted based on EHS legislation, suported by mandatory standards and codes of practice.

The methodology of the compliance audit will include:

  • Documentation review to verify the organization system implementation with relevant standards or legislation
  • Collecting and evaluating objective evidence by site inspection and observation, documents and records verification and interview of staff
  • Conducting observation on the activities and conditions of site to determine if they are conforming to the relevant standards or legislation requirements

An audit team and schedule will be provided by EQS prior to the audit.  An audit report will be submitted upon completion of audit for organization to take appropriate actions to ensure compliance.

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