Green & Gracious Builders’ Scheme (GGBS)

Given high visibility and impact of construction works in Singapore, it is important for builders to go green and adopt ‘friendlier’ construction practices…Take simple steps to be the change agent contributing to the environment and the community-at-large,”

– Dr John Keung, CEO of BCA

First launched in February 2009, BCA’s Green and Gracious Builder Scheme (GGBS) and Green and Gracious Builder Award aims to raise the environmental consciousness and professionalism of builders. The award acts as a benchmark of a builder’s corporate social responsibility to the environment and the general public, and sets standards for green and gracious practices that builders can implement to address environmental concerns and mitigate possible inconveniences to the public caused by construction works.

The latest GGBS version 2.1 was launched on 20 October 2016. New applications received after 19 April 2017 will be subjected to GGBS version 2.1 assessment. For existing certified firms, GGBS version 2.1 will be applicable after 19 October 2017.

Being certified to BCA’s GGBS, the organisation is recognised as a committed socially and environmentally organisation with the following benefit:


–   Adoption of innovative green practices
–   Optimization of cost saving by energy conservation and waste transformation
–   Alignment and compliance with Government policy in environmental protection


–   Adoption of friendlier and gracious construction practices
–   Establishment of good rapport and relationship with neighbours and clients
–   Safe, healthy and gracious working environment for staff
–   Better manpower development, engagement and management

EQS Asia helps established construction companies to embark on GGBS journey to realise the Green and Gracious visions. Our consultancy approach is tailored to support the specific needs of company, to build strength and provide sustainable solution, based on BCA GGBS assessment criteria. The company could rely on our honed GGBS expertise to make it through the journey to the realm of GGBS prestigious award.

Our proven track record

+   Daewoo Engineering & Construction (A1 Contractor) – Star
+   GS Engineering & Construction (A1 Contractor) – Star
+   Kajima Overseas Asia (A1 Contractor) – Star
+   Lend Lease Singapore (A1 Contractor) – Star
+   Lend Lease Pharmaceutical (A1 Contractor) – Star
+   Kimly Construction Pte Ltd (A1 Contractor) – Star
+   Lian Ho Lee (A2 Contractor) – Excellent
+   K S Services (C1 Contractor) – Merit