bizSAFE to incorporate SGSecureStay alert, stay united, stay strong

With effective from 26 September 2017, bizSAFE courses are to incorporate SGSecure as part of the course deliverables.

The key objectives of SGSecure for workplaces are:

+   to sensitise employers an employees to terror threats and the importance for workplaces to be prepared
+   raise capabilities of workplaces to respond to and recover from terror attack
+   build understanding and trust among co-workers so that the workforce remains cohesive in the aftermath of an attack

Organizations going for bizSAFE level 3 audit are to embrace SGSecure as part of their WSH policy and implement risk management to respond to terror threats by the following:

+   Practicing Vigilance, Cohesion and Resilience
+   Preparing your workforce, Protecting your workplace and Partnering your community


For bizSAFE level 3 Risk Management Audit, the RM auditor will specifically evaluate if terror risks are adressed. biaSAFE organizations are expected to:

  1. To incorporate in organisational WSH Policy the commitment to manage and respond to terror threats.
  2. To conduct Risk Assessment to identify potential workplace terror threats.
  3. To address identified workplace terror threats with corresponding control/mitigating measures in RM Implementation Plan.
  4. To appoint an SGSecure Representative.
  5. To build employees’ awareness of key SGSecure Tenets:

(a) “Run, Hide, Tell”;
(b) “Press, Tie, Tell”;
(c) Emergency evacuation routes;
(d) Hiding locations in the workplace; and
(e) What to do during a lockdown procedure.